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Rick Whitehead

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]hank you for visiting my website and my  page. My name is Rick Whitehead. I grew up against a beautiful mountain backdrop of northern Utah near Salt Lake City. Although I had aspirations of going into radio, TV, and even movie production, I settled on the noble profession of education. I was a writer from a very young age and that ability served me well as I taught the craft to many impressionable children over the years.


Rick’s Classroom

I spent 28 years in the teaching profession concentrating on grades three, four and five. It was a wonderful experience and I enjoyed great support from students, colleagues and parents. I was also able to delve into administrative tasks as well. I was commissioned to help design and implement school productively models within the district where I taught. Due to high enrollments, we had to address overcrowding, so the need arose for “extended-day” and “year-round” schooling solutions. I was honored to receive an outstanding achievement award by the superintendent for my contributions helping the many students in the school district.

Rick Classroom

Rick at the board

During my teaching tenure, I continued my hobby of writing. One of my first books was a science fiction adventure novel aimed primarily at reluctant readers. I also wrote humor and fantasy books. In 2013 – after 28 years of teaching – I decided I wanted to devote more time to creating and writing. Although I loved teaching, I wanted to leave when I was still “on top.” Many were surprised with my decision to retire from teaching, but I feel it was certainly the correct one and I have loved every minute since.


Rick with his dog, Jager.

Over the years, I had developed many useful materials for my classroom and I felt it would be a waste for those very effective lessons to gather dust in a filing cabinet or on a flash drive. Thus began my pursuit of publication. I found the wonderful site of Teachers Pay Teachers which allowed me to offer my materials to other parents and educators. I decided to name my new store, Rick’s Resources. I opened my TpT store on April 13, 2013. I can be described as a perfectionist, so all of my materials have been meticulously developed and reviewed for maximum effectiveness in the classroom and at home. I am very proud and have the utmost confidence in everything I create. That same drive and commitment will be devoted to the development and maintenance of this website and blog – which I hope will be of benefit to many readers.


Rick and his son, Michael, in Hawaii.

Aside from my creating and writing, I enjoy my life at home in northern Utah. I have a son who is finishing up college work and my little buddy goldendoodle named Jager. One of my favorite pastimes is frequenting various forums and discussing or debating interesting topics. I also enjoy getting away occasionally. I just returned recently from Hawaii and loved it.

Thanks for reading through my little biography. Feel free to send me a message. I’m open to any suggestions, comments or questions you might have.
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Rick on the beach in Hawaii.