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Stern teacher

Should We Use Physical Force with Students?

Just about any occurrence in society has the potential of ending up as raw video on social media these days. One of the lasted classroom witness videos that went viral is one depicting an officer forcibly removing a defiant child from a classroom. This sparked much discussion about the appropriateness of using such physical force on children.

Meteor over Utah

  Meteor Lights Sky Like Noonday Sun

It was just another November evening at my house in Utah in 2009. I had recently set up my automated security cameras that were activated by motion and light. I went to bed was usual, but was awakened. . .

Rick's Resources new blog

Welcome to My New Blog!

         It’s my pleasure welcoming you to my new blog. I hope this blog will be home to many useful articles regarding issues affecting parents, teachers and children – especially those in the elementary years.

After teaching school for 28 years, . . .